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vLab Remote Access vSphere Labs

vLab Remote Access Server pods

VMware vSphere only installs and runs on Enterprise class PC Servers - which can cost thousands of dollars each and require expensive technical resources to configure for proper use. vLab takes the cost and risk out of running VMware vSphere classes by making pre-configured, ready to run labs available for rent.

Server Pod Configuration

Our labs use HP DL385 enterprise class servers. Each server pod contains:

Infrastructure Resources

Server pods contain the following resources that are shared amongst all remote access users:

  • Infrastructure services that supports RDP and HTML 5 remote access
  • iSCSI Storage with dedicated volumes for each attendee
  • An NFS and CIFS file share server
  • A firewall for security
  • A completely isolated internal network segment so one student can't trespass on another student's labs
  • A completely private network LAN segment

Individual Lab Configurations

Every lab we rent conforms to the following minimum hardware specification:

  • They run on highly redundant HP DL385 enterprise class PC servers
  • 32 64-bit CPU cores
  • 384GB of memory
  • 8TB of local, redundant direct attached storage
  • High speed networking

Datacenter Hosting

We host all of our servers in a Class-A datacenter located in the suburbs of Toronto, Canada. Our datacenter parter offers us:

  • Direct, redundant GB network links to Internet backbone network providers
  • A 500KVA diesel generator
  • Enterprise power management system with battery back up
  • 4-way redundant cooling
  • 24hr access and support